31 Days Celebrating Small


31 Days Celebrating Small
by Amber Taube


  1. Dream Big, Celebrate Small
  2. Tell God about Your Big Mountains
  3. Create a Habit of Celebrating Small
  4. Purposeful Praise from Today ’til Forever
  5. True Love Trusts
  6. Small Beginnings and Broken Parts
  7. To Have and To Hold
  8. 8 Ways I Can Safeguard My Marriage [Day 8: safe]
  9. It Helps to have a Plan
  10. It Doesn’t Always Feel Natural to Nurture
  11. 4 Things to Remember in the Trenches of Motherhood
  12. The Hardest and Best Words a Mom Can Say [day 12: write]
  13. How I Invite Him in for the Good of my Kids [day 13: invite]
  14. Tales of A Trying Mom [day 14: try]
  15. A Fruit-Bearing Formula for Moms [day 15: remain]
  16. See Yourself in Stories of Missional Living[day 16: read]